Sabah Al-Salem City & Kuwait University


Sabah Al-Salem University City, which will soon contain all the buildings and colleges associated with the University of Kuwait, is “one of the largest educational campuses in the world”
Known as Sabah Al-Salem University City – Kuwait University, it has all the facilities and services necessary to offer modern education, and is designed to accommodate 40,000 male and female students, divided equally into male and female buildings to preserve the traditions of the Kuwait as an Arab Islamic country. The main campus, which contains the university’s 11 humanities and science colleges and covers 4 million square meters (1.5 square miles), is made up of 22 buildings. The health sciences campus, which is still in the planning stage, will occupy 2 million square meters (0.75 square miles) and house the university’s 5 medical colleges in approximately 25 buildings.

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