LUCE is a mobile, modular dividing wall system that can be equipped according to need. It features a stand-alone internal metallic structure and independent opaque and/or glass external panels fixed using an exclusive patented click-on system.
The LUCE system ensures an excellent level of soundproofing thanks to the sealing of the vertical and horizontal joints, to the significant reduction of rigid acoustic bridges, and to the independence between the different finishing panels, be they opaque or glass.

The modular structure of this wall allows for quick configuration modifications with low percentages of unused components, as they are completely pre-assembled and can be reused without the need to modify or refinish them at the building site.

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Product Features

The LUCE wall, which is 100mm thick, has a weight-bearing structure with hot immersion zinc-coated pillars and beams that have been molded and arranged to build the weight-bearing structure with vertex compressors and base regulators, to which finishing panels or glass structures can then be fixed.
The particular shape of the pillar combined with the elasticity of the metal plates allows for click-on insertion of the finishing panels, windows, and doors; this excludes the need to use screws or other fixing elements. The walls are fixed to the ceiling and floor using 10/10 cold-coated, previously varnished metal rails that also serve as baseboards. The extruded PVC profiles inserted at the ends of the active pillars and beams allow for the mechanical blockage of the system from within.
LUCE is a glass variant of the DIVA wall that creates a particularly beautiful effect. The glass is glued to the aluminum profile in such a way that it becomes invisible, which makes the glass elements and doors made with the same glued glass system coplanar.

The glass panels, built with invisible side profiles made of extruded pre-treated aluminum and adjusted in thickness so they can be clicked on to the weight-bearing structure, are assembled using small triangles that can be adjusted to the millimeter, and they come with elastic gaskets and already glued-on glass sheets in compliance with safety norms. We offer solutions in both double glass and single offset glass.
The end and corner elements, made from pre-treated extruded aluminum profiles, are also adjusted in their thickness so they can be clicked on to the weight-bearing structure to be fixed using screws from the inside.
The doors of the LUCE walls are made with pre-treated extruded aluminum profiles with gaskets on three sides, and they are adjusted in their thickness so they can be clicked on to the weight-bearing structure to be fixed using invisible screws. The hinged doors are made with double glass that is 6 mm thick, glued to the aluminum structure on the finish, and they come with hinges and locks, plus a wide range of accessories, knobs to choose from, and the possibility to use an invisible automatic door-closing mechanism on the outside or at floor level.

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